Vissheim presents


the indoor gardening furniture

Have your own production of fresh herbs and vegetables at your office with minimal effort! Modular and customizable plants interior with automated gardening process


Optimized lighting

Our LED lamps have a combination of red, blue and white diodes and are optimized for growing plants. Color and intensity can be modified freely in order to give each plant the optimal light.

Optimized watering

Since the plants require different amount of water, each plant also has its own watering system. The watering is automatically triggered by soil moisture sensors, preventing the plants to dry out.

Cloud-based monitoring

The gardening process can be controlled and monitored in our app from wherever in the world with internet connection. The built-in camera also gives the user visual feedback in the process.

Autonomous grow programs

The simplest way of using Fjorgyn is by choosing a grow program in the app, which automatically gives each plant the optimal lighting and watering during the process. The user only needs to plant the seeds, choose a program in the library and fill up the water tank once in awhile.